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TurboSiphon Flyer

Installation instructions
Installation instructions

Product information sheet
Product information sheet


With a hot water inlet at 60°C and water mains inlet at 10°C, your 10minutes-long shower would use 45 Liters of 60°C-heated water. As a result of the need of 1.16 Wh of energy to increase the temperature of 1 Liter of water by 1°C and a water mains inlet at 10°C, the water temperature has to be heated to 50°C to obtain a 60°C-water. You also need a 50°C * 1.16Wh/)C/Liter * 45 Liters = 2610Wh energy for a shower, it means your annual consumption for an average 4-member household is 2610Wh * 365 days * 4 people = 3,810kWh of energy, which represents a budget of :

Average electricity cost (2017) : 0,1357€/kWh * 3810kWh = €518

TurboSiphon will exchange up to 30% of hot water inlet by pre-heated water, namely an up to €150 savings per year for a 4-member family. In addition to this direct saving, you will make last your water heater tank lifetime.

TurboSiphon is easy to install. You have just to connect your PVC 40mm-diameter outlet pipe on the one hand and your U-bend to TurboSiphon on the other hand. A trapdoor and an access plug are recommended in order to control maintenance operations on this kind of network. Then, connect your water mains inlet with the coil entry of TurboSiphon, which is at the opposite of the u-bend. Finally, connect your mixer tap on the copper front, which is on the siphon’s side. If necessary, contact us and we will give you advice or will refer you to RECCAL partners.

TurboSiphon enables a lot of ease in the positioning and does not require any prerequisite in the building design since it has been designed to be connected to the water network under any shower tray.

It can be joined easily with a bathtub system and if necessary, it is possible to connect another watering place.

In the event of height constraints, TurboSiphon can be installed in the basement, in the crawl space or in the suspended ceiling.

TurboSiphon has been carefully designed not to require any maintenance or any consumable. However waste water is wasted in essence, it is appropriate to use regularly classic cleaning agents as usually on sanitary equipment. The trapdoor and the access plug set up during the installation make the cleaning possible thanks to our special for TurboSiphon brush if necessary.
TurboSiphon is a French designed, mechanized, sourced and manufactured product made of European materials. It has been developed with noble and NF certified materials. The manufacture of our products allows us to promote the introduction of handicapped workers.
On the one hand, too lukewarm water may cause a cell proliferation such as the legionnaires’ disease. On the other hand, too hot water may bring about burns to users. Consequently, stored water temperature and the use of Domestic Hot Water is regulated in France by the decree of 13th November 2005. It is suitable to maintain the temperature between 55°C and 60°C, where 60°C is the ideally temperature to take on.

Be a plumbing pro has become a child’s play !

​Watch how to realize a gluing of two PVC pipes. It will be useful for your TurboSiphon installation !

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PER Connector + use of pliers.

PER brass pipe connection.

Fitting olive.

Soldering fitting .